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How to create an msi that updates an existing msi

I am using Installshield 2013 Express and I have created an msi. Now I want to create a new msi that can either 1) update the old msi if installed or 2) install the new msi if an msi is not installed.

I do realize that I can create a setup.exe to do that - but that makes it hard to deploy using GPO. I can also using msi switches REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ALL.

However to keep the user complexity to a minimum, it seems to me that a user should be able to double click the new msi and it will figure out what it needs to do with no user interaction. This is how the Adobe Reader msi works.

How do I do this using IS Express?

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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Here is information on how to author an upgrade using InstallShield Express:
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