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Level 6

How to control 'View Readme file' display on install finish dialog


I am playing around with the 'View the readme file' check box and text on the SetupCompleteSuccess dialog.

Now I want to make the box and text only display for fresh install and upgrade install, but not other cases such as repair and remove.

I turned 'Visible' for the two (box and text) to 'Ture' so fresh install can show it at the end, but repair and remove now also display the box and text. I have set conditions that repair and remove will not run launch readme even the box is checked, but it's odd to have that option for repair and remove.

How can I hide (or turn 'Visible' off) the box and text conditionally for repair and remove cases?

My project is MSI Basic.

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Level 5

On SetupCompleteSuccess dialog, on Behavior section, you can set the conditions for the ControlName(whatever name is for box/text ). Click on Conditions tab and probably can use

Action Condition
Show NOT Installed OR (Installed AND _IsMaintenance="Change")
Hide Installed AND (_IsMaintenance="Reinstall" OR _IsMaintenance="Remove")
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