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How to change combobox 'Drop-Down List' property at runtime?


I need one urgent help for my requirement...

I am using InstallShield 2014, I have one combo box in my dialog. By default I put Combobox  'Drop-Down List' property as 'True'. So It could not editable for my dropdown. But some cases I need to make that same Combobox as editable (I mean to say Combobox 'Drop-Down List' property need to make it as 'False'). This will happen on run time. So I understand that code change should be Setup.Rul need to make that combobox  'Drop-Down List' property as False. 

How to do that change from installshield scrip code at run time?

Solution would be more helpful!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

Attached screen for your reference.




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Hi @vasanthakumarmk

There is no direct way to set this property through the script.

Below helpnet link gives info on how to handle the combo box through the script

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