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How to Install a single executable installation silently??


    I am using installshield to make a single executable installation . The installation package name is myproduct.exe, I want to make myproduct.exe silently install. I try to use command line  myproduct.exe /s, which actually does nothing. I made setup.iss using setup.exe /r, it can be used by setup.exe /s for silent installation, can it be used by myproduct.exe?


How can I make my myproduct.exe install silently? ?

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Hi @JerryHTG,

Thank you for your post.

Could you please provide a screenshot of your Help > About InstallShield screen from your copy of InstallShield that you are using to configure the affected project? This allows me to match the InstallShield service pack level and edition.

Which project type are you using? Basic MSI? InstallScript? Or InstallScript MSI? The project type should be indicated in square brackets on the InstallShield title bar when your affected project is open: [<Project Type>]

Could you please provide your affected project .ism file as a file attached to a private message sent to me directly?

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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Hi @JerryHTG 

If your project type is Basic MSI, below command will work along with creating logSilent install with log:

setup.exe /s /v"/qn" /L*v c:\Myinstall.log"

if you are creating a installscript or installscript MSI project, You need to create  response file, below help link have details on how to create a response file and how to use it,without%20any%20end%2Duser%20intervention.


First please try generating a response file using the parameter shown below:

"C:\TestInstaller\Setup.exe" -r -f1C:\LanSafeSilentFile.iss

Then run the setup again using the created response file and see it works.

"C:\TestInstaller\Setup.exe" -s -f1C:\LanSafeSilentFile.iss

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I have a similar question to JerryHTG. I can't run my single EXE run using a response file. I can run the Setup.exe in the disk image in the builds folder.

It seems like this is the only way to run a silent install, but I can't find documentation to confirm this. Everything I see says run Setup.exe, but doesn't say single EXE files can't be run this way.

Is there more documentation on this somewhere?

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Thanks. But allow me to clarify. I can run the setup.exe using a response file, but I was trying to confirm if a single EXE installer can be run silently. I mean a single EXE and not the Setup.exe in the Disk images folder.

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Hi @coateshammernet 

Yes, you can use, if its installscript single package use response file, if its msi based single package use the BMSI silent command.

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I was able to get it working. Thanks!

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