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How secure is InstallShield's built-in setup launcher password protection?

Our installation deployment contains a significant amount of PII (personally identifiable information)...  In the past we've been wrapping our installers in WinZip to take advantage of AES-256 encryption with a random 16-character password, then wrapping the Zip as a self-extracting EXE.  This adds a lot of unnecessary steps and overhead to our build processes, and makes installation a bit less elegant for our end users...

We've recently upgraded from InstallShield 2015 to 2019 so I'll ask once again, as I have for the past 15 years...  has a secure encryption mechanism finally been implemented?


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @TimFoster ,

Thanks for your bringing up your concern on security for this specific feature.Help us to know about your expectation.

Did you raise any enhancement request regarding this in the past,if not please feel free raise?

We believe CRC-32 encryption considered for password encryption provides higher level  security.




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