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How can it be that a component that has a path to the Registry also contains files?


To the best of my understanding, files should be associated with components that has a path to the file system, because on install they can be put there and not in the Registry.

But the product "InstallSheild 2009" has a component {9B2CAF3C-B0AB-11EC-B01F-C8B3B9A1E18E} that has a path of
and files are associated with it.

What does Windows Installer do when it wishes to installed this component?

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Flexera Alumni

There's a difference between a component's Destination setting and its key path: the Destination setting is where any files in it go, and the key path is the file/directory/registry entry/ODBC setting that Windows Installer uses to see if the component is there. The help topic "Component Table" says a bit more about the two settings.
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