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Level 11

How To - Text Changes

Hi there again,

I have a few question regarding Text Changes because I can't quite get it to work.

I have a desktop.ini file that I am installing to a user profile, My Documents folder called WorkArea. The desktop.ini file has pathing to an icon resource to be displayed for this folder when viewed in Explorer.

I thought I would place a tag in the file, such as (Find What value) then replace that with INSTALLDIR (Replace With value).

The contents of the file as added to the Files/Folders viewer...


I would hope to end up with...

IconFile=C:\Program Files\MyApp\WorkArea.ico

Following install, however, no replacement is made? What am I doing wrong?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks much!
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Level 11

I thought I might have had it, but on my next try it didn't work. The difference, I marked the file as system, hidden, readonly. Does Text change not work with these attributes?
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Level 11

Is there another way to display an icon for the folder in Explorer instead of messing around with a desktop.ini file? Can I tie to icon to to a component in some way?
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Level 17

Windows Installer properties should be enclosed in square brackets. Did you try using [INSTALLDIR] as the Replace With value?

The following help topic has some steps on replacing strings in a text file with Windows Installer property values:
Using Windows Installer Properties to Dynamically Modify Text Files

I hope that helps.
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