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Giving file path in property manager


I need to give modify permission to a file for the users. I have created a property in property manager with CACLS command and a custom action with type as exe. But how can i specify my file name in the command.
My command is
"CACLS C:\Program Files\Application\1.txt /E /G BUILTIN\Users:C"
The installation path could be anything.. the file is placed during installation. How can I specify the file name here?
I need to get the installation directory and find the file and then give the permission. How can I do this?

Can anyone help me out?
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Flexera Alumni

I don't think you can set properties inside properties using the Property Manager, but you should be able to use a set-a-property custom action to set your custom command property to something like:

cacls.exe [INSTALLDIR]filename.txt /etc.

You might need to add quotation marks around the file path in case it contains spaces, of course.
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