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Error Signing Build

Have recently gone back to a project that I haven't touched for a few months.

When building get the following errors in the build log:

SignTool Error: This file format cannot be signed because it is not recognized.
SignTool Error: An error occurred while attempting to sign: myproduct.msi

And the following 3 error codes:

-1027 Failed signing myproduct.msi
-6258 An error occurred extracting digital signature information from file 'myproduct.msi'
-6003 An error occurred streaming 'myproduct.isc' into setup.exe

Any ideas? :confused:
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My project is an InstallScript Project, and if I check the option to sign the setup.exe (or other files) under the release properties the build will proceed without an error. The build log does not indicate anything was signed, and signcode.exe is never launched.

When I'm producing an automated build using a build script and ISCmdBld InstallShield just perpetually hangs with signcode and ISCmdBld hanging out in the processes list.

If I hand build the same build with the same settings from a command prompt, I get the behavior described in the first paragraph where the build succeeds, but nothing apparently gets signed.

Is there a way to verify the signing is actually happening?
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OK, an update for those interested.

The original project was stored on a network drive, by copying locally everything worked ok.

So it appears there could be a timing issue in the build process between building the release and attempting to sign it - it looks like it's either attempting to sign before the release has been fully written to disk, or there is an issue reading/writing releases from/to a network drive.

Thoughts? Comments?
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I have been troubleshooting issues with signing too. Make all the settings you are supposed to select in InstallShield, yet the warning dialog appears when you try to install the file.

In my case, I'm building a release for a Windows Mobile device and the *.CAB file is not being signed. If we build the CAB file, then drop to a command prompt and sign using the same certs, it signs OK.

The following assumes Windows XP. I'm using SP2, not sure about any other Service Packs or Vista.

To answer your question, to see if the file has been signed, just open File Explorer and navigate to the output directory, where your setup.exe or setup.msi file is produced, and right click on the installer file and select Properties. If the file is signed, you will see a tab on the file Properties dialog that allows you to navigate the signed information. These dialogs will also report any problems Windows sees with the signing.

If you are building a WinMo CAB file like we are and need to check the CAB, navigate to the CEApps folder and right click on the CAB file and perform the same steps as above. For example, navigate to [InstallShieldProjectFolder]\Product Configuration 1\Release 1\CEApps

We have been trying to get signing to work for WinMo for over a week (several of us, both in the US and in Taiwan) and have yet to be able to get a successful signing on the CAB file.

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