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Force scrolling to the bottom


In my Basic MSI project, I created a new dialog in which a Read Me is displayed in a scrollable text control. I want to force the user to scroll to the bottom of the Read Me before the Next button enabled. So, I created the WatchScroll CA, modified the conditions for the Next button, and added an event for the scrollable text. I also had to rename my dialog to LicenseAgreement for the WatchScroll CA to work.

In testing this, scrolling does enable the Next button, but the default button is the Back button even though I specified Next to be the default. The only way I can get the Next button to be the default is if I add a radio button group with the options to either accept or decline (as in the license agreement dialog). But I don't want to include this in my Read Me dialog. I just need to force the user to scroll to the bottom.

Also, on some machines, at least on Win Server 2003 Japanese, the Next button doesn't become enabled unless you click Back and then Next.

On Win Server 2008 Server Core, the Next button doesn't become enabled at all after scrolling to the bottom. I tried tabbing through the controls, clicking Back to the previous dialog and then back to the Read Me dialog, and clicking Cancel.

I really need to get this to work. Can someone help me please?

I also tried using the IsLicenseViewed code from, but that doesn't work for me either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 6

Anyone have any ideas? Any one at all? Maybe I can ask Acresso if they can fix EulaScrollWatcher.dll...
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