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File not found . An error occurred merging modules 'Policy_9_0_Microsoft_VC90_MFCLOC_x64.67C38D1C_756D_3736_8C07_70C480837444:0'

Hi All,

I am new to installshield and I am getting merge module error please help with the solution.

As i am not having licensed product(working on trail)  so i am unable to download these through installshield.

Please suggest some to way/work around to resolve this issue.





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Flexera Alumni

Hi @shikha525 ,


If you dont have license,it is not possible to build full-fledged InstallShield setup as well.I would  suggest you to go for InstallShield license purchase.

Without that it isn't possible to get built-in merge-modules unless you have custom merge modules,default merge module directories that InstallShield looks into

  • [IS-INSTALLDIR]\[ISVERSION]\\Modules\i386(Eg:C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015\Modules\i386)


You can get specific failing mergemodule on installing specific service pack from Microsoft and  placing inside above mentioned folders.

Could see related mergemodules here:



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