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Error 6003


I have a project that has been worked several times in the past with new issue. I came in and changed the version, and my product code then clicked on build expecting it to work fine, but got 3 errors this time: -6003

An error occurred streaming 'C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2009 Express\Support\0x0409.ini' to setup.exe
An error occurred streaming 'H:\FanNet\Installer\FanNet\Express\SingleImage\DiskImages\DISK1\FanNet.msi' into setup.exe
An error occurred streaming 'H:\FanNet\Installer\FanNet\Express\SingleImage\DiskImages\DISK1\Setup.ini' into setup.exe

I have tried a full computer reboot. 0x409.ini certainly exists. The other two files are being created by InstallShield during a build.

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Level 2

Hey all,

These errors were being caused because kaspersky antivirus was doing something to stop it.
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