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Validation error ICE60 when using dynamic file linking

I suppose this is more of a bug report, but since it's a low priority issue I don't really feel like paying for an incident report just to report an error so I'd thought I'd just document it for the community. If anyone has any insight or suggestion on how to avoid the issue below please feel free to reply.

We have a rather large setup project (IS 2008) with ~9000 files and ~900 components (which may be an issue in itself, but that's another matter..)
Due to the large number of files which may also change between product builds we make heavy use of dynamic file linking to create the setup package. Now, when running validation on the .Msi we recieve a large number of unexpected ICE60 warnings. Upon examining the 'File' table we discover that a number of .xml, .gif and other files have a value entered in the 'Version' column even though these file types do not have any embedded version information. The 'Language' column is empty for these files, which leads to the ICE60 warnings.

After looking at the affected files it seems there is a pattern:

Component FileName FileSize Version Language
Comp1 File1.xml xxxxx
Comp1 File2.gif xxxxx
Comp1 File3.dll xxxxx 0
Comp1 File4.gif xxxxx
Comp1 File5.xml xxxxx

When sorting the files alphabetically per component it appears that everything is fine until a DLL with version information is encountered, after that all subsequent non-versioned files gets the same version attibute as the DLL (but no language attribute).

So it seems that when using dynamic file linking the 'Version' attribute is not properly cleared between files when there is a mix of versioned and non-versioned files included in a component.
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Check is the 'Always Overwrite' tag is set for these files. If it is it assigns a version of 255.255.65534 to the file(s). This would cause the Validaiton to see it as a versioned file. Hence the need for the language designation.
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