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Error 1920 when user doesn't have Log on as a service rights.

Error 1920 (Service failed to start) is showing up in my install when a user is an admin but doesn't have Log on as a service rights. After the install completes they can go in and add themselves and the service starts fine. I have read other threads saying this is a bug in the Install NT Services. Workaround/advice appreciated.
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Level 16

I haven't played with this in a long time but when I did it I was able to cheat by creating a GPO object for the OU that contained the computers that granted a network user logon as service right for each machine's LSA.

I also believe it's a bug in the standard action but none the less you have to work around it. Basically you need a CA that will grant the right before calling start service. Or just don't use MSI's installservice pattern and instead use the InstallScript functions.

For the former, checkout:
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Level 6

Thanks Chris. I found this thread as well for those who just want to run a custom action using a microsoft exe .
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Another way I've found to do this is by using the NTRights utility that comes with the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. Here is the command that you can use:

ntrights.exe -u [SERVICE_USER/GROUP] +r SeServiceLogonRight

It took me a long time to find this answer but hope this helps everyone!
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