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Error 1755 at the end of installation

At the end of the installation a messagebox is showed with an error 1755 , which refers to an error 1622. The installation however seems to have completed correctly. I believe the problem is related to installing an executable (Firebird- which is installed via a custom action that runs a script that calls the following command:

LaunchAppAndWait(supportDirPath + "\\Requirements\\Firebird-","/SP- /VERYSILENT",WAIT);

The custom action is run in deferred mode with user context and no error is found in the installation log after the task is completed.

If i disable the custom action there is no error, and therefore i think the error is linked to that action.

The error occurs in all the PCs on which I tried the installation and therefore it is not linked to some configuration problem of a particular PC. Even launching setup with administrative rights does not solve the problem.

I attach the log file.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @luvalgi ,

 If you install the exe Firebird- out of installshield setup.exe is it  installing without any issues?

Is it newly added script or working earlier, facing issue now.?

Try to change the script execution to immediate or deferred exec in system context is it working and verify it works or not.

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