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Reading JSON file during upgrade process


We are trying to read values from json file during major upgrade and autofill the values into dialogue.

I found system search option in installshield but that perform search into XML file and also i tried this option to read json file but it's not working.

Is there any way we can read json during ugrade?

Thanks in advance,

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Level 3

There is only one way to achieve this as installshield do not support json files so you have to do this manually though a installscript or vbscript or using "Text file changes: which is supported by installshield apart from xml file. So far using text file changes would be best approach if the json files are not too complex or nested.
how you can achieve this is by keeping the json file with fixed values for key at every build
now in text file changes 
suppose your json file looks like

you have stored the value to replace "value1" in some property variable from the text field lets say PROPERTY_FOR_KEY1
now in replacemnet you need to mention
in text to replace write "key1":"value1"
and in text to be replaced with write "key1":"[PROPERTY_FOR_KEY1]"

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Hi Soumyam,

I greatly appreciate your reply. My JSON is actually complex; it has roughly 20 values so unable to use the textchange option. Thankfully, able  to achieve this by writing a .net function and using .net dll in installshield project.

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Oh your approach sounds interesting. thank you for the information 🙂

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