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Error 1640 on terminal server

I have an installscript MSI project. I perform the main installation under an admin user account. But for every user that logs on (admin and non-admin), I run a small setup.exe to copy data files to the appdata of that user, update these data files with their correct location and write registry entries under HKCU.

This works on regular machines but when I test it on a terminal server (windows server 2008) machine, when the small install program is invoked for a non-admin user, I get error 1640 (Only administratores have permissions to add, remove or configure software during a Terminal Services remote session. If you want to install or configure software on the server, contact your network administrator).

Is there anything that I can do to enable non-admin users to run this setup.exe on a terminal server?
Any help will be appreciated!
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Level 4

I have this issue with an admin user as well. I perform the main install as an admin user. But when I login under a separate admin user account, the small install program gets invoked but gives error 1640.

The Terminal server machine is on windows 2008. Even though EnableAdminTSRRemote registry setting has no impact on windows server 2008 and later, I tried that but didn't help.

Please advise..
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