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Uninstall using Pre requisite

With our previous product we delivered SQL Express Management studio 2005 Express. Now with new product we would like to provide SQL 2008 Management studio 2008 Express.

Before installing new one i would like to uninstall previous one. From commandline foloowing command works perfect and i am able to uninstall SQL 2005 Express Management Studio Express.

Msiexec.exe /qb /x {20608BFA-6068-48FE-A410-400F2A124C27}

Now i would like to carry out this operation from Pre Requisites. I know pre requisites are used for Install and not uninstall, but has got some advantage over Custom Action.( i am going to include this uninstallation operation in a feature which has does carry out many other installations / upgrades etc.)

On pre requisite dialog i am expected to provide path for "Files To Include"

I tried [SystemFolder]\Msiexec.exe but its not working.

Do you have any clue how to set the path for msiexec.exe ?

Thanks in advance.

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Level 7

pre-requisites are meant to be used for files you include with the installation, not refer to files already expected to be on the target system. If you're calling a microsoft component such as msiexec, you don't want to be including this exe with your installation... I don't think these can be freely re-distributed.

There's another approach I can suggest - it may be more work than you wanted for this, but how about creating a light program (compiled to a .exe) which calls the msiexec command? We use this for handling uninstallation of all previous versions, so there is some add'l logic and many GUIDs to look for, so it makes more sense in our case to have a dedicated program for this. Still, it would do the trick here.
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