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Error 136: DirectXJune2010Update.prq

I'm getting an error that says a file is not where it is, when it is actually there.

The error I'm getting is shown in Image1, with the error code 136. I followed the instructions showed for that error but the box was already checked.

Image2 shows that the .prq file is in the correct location.

What should I do?

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Did you check the prq files is available in its original location, for ex: all default prq will comes from this path C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2019\SetupPrerequisites

make sure your prq files exists in correct location,

Check in the redistributable view and make sure its checked and it doesnt have any other icon like small yellow triangle icon, Please share the prq checked list screenshot to make sure its checked and its available .

is this prq selected for downloaded from web, 

prq files wont go into disk1 folder, how its copying to disk1 folder, you added this a file in a component?




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