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Driver installation of 32 or 64 DPinst installer

Dear community,

All online solutions I had found so far to add a 32\64 driver related to a case where all files sit flat on a single folder thus enabling such solutions such setting it as prerequisite or a driver component. Alas the dpinst installer I have is signed in a way that it has to sub folders named x86 and x64. It also come with to executables, one for each platform type.

Is there a way a driver like this can be installed using installshield?

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Level 2

Can someone please validate my solution:

1. Add driver folder + 2 sub folders to Installed files
2. Create the Install script below
3. Add the Install script to the execution order, after all files are copied

if( SYSINFO.bIsWow64) then
* if (LaunchAppAndWait (PROGRAM64, "/sw /se", WAIT) < 0) then
* * MessageBox ("failed installing " + PROGRAM64, WARNING);
* endif; *
* if (LaunchAppAndWait (PROGRAM32, "/sw /se", WAIT) < 0) then
* * MessageBox ("failed installing " + PROGRAM32, WARNING);
* endif; *

Is that a good solution?

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Level 7

I think your plan should work. I use InstallScript projects and have drivers with subfolders that are platform specific. I copy the driver's folder tree to a cache location (as you propose). In the root of that driver tree (where the INF file is) I install my setup application. Like you I have a x64 and a x86 setup application, both with the same name. The file component is marked for the platform so that on x64 only the SetupDriver.exe for x64 is installed. On x86 only the SetupDriver.exe for x86 is installed. The 'script' execution calls the same path\SetupDriver.exe in either case (which refers to the INF at the same location).

Driver Cache
SetupDriver.exe (x86 or x64 setup application, but not both, installed by a platform specific Component)
other platform neutral driver files.
x86Folder (with x86 driver files)
x64Folder (with x64 driver files)
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