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Suite Installer Reboot


I have some installers running in suite project. One of them (not the last) requires reboot in the end of the install. Reboot request is detected and machine is rebooted. But after the reboot the installation doesn't continue to the next package as supposed but instead I get maintenance mode dialog. Anybody knows how to solve this problem?

(actually I see that all installer related data is removed from temp folder during reboot, if I backup it before reboot and then manually put back after the reboot, suite installer continues, as supposed, the installation of the packages that are not installed yet. so how can I avoid the remove of the data from the %temp% folder?)

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Level 13

Would it be sufficient for you to set the "Reboot Request" to "Delay the prompt, then exit or reboot the machine"? I use that. It prompts for reboot at the end of the Suite installation. Not much help if you need to reboot before continuing though.
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