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Documentation Frustration

I have worked with InstallShield for years and have always been frustrated with their documentation. Here is an example:
dated 19 August 2010
Last line: ComponentSetTarget( MEDIA , "" , svEndUserSelectedPath);

From my IS2011 Help Library: Component Function: InstallShield 2011 » InstallScript Language Reference Dated July 2010
Because a Windows Installer-based installation uses features as the highest level of organization in installation projects, and not components, component-related functions are deprecated in InstallShield

I waste days trying to get something to work only to find your documentation is wrong.:mad:
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

There is an unfortunate inconsistency in this article in regards to step 3e. The step itself mentions using FeatureSetTarget to change a target path, but the sample code uses ComponentSetTarget. Work order 1-12NWKD is currently reported against this issue.

In regards to the Component functions, most of these functions should have a Feature equivalent by replacing 'Component' in the function name with 'Feature' (note this change was made around the DevStudio 9 release); mappings from old to new function names can be found in the article 'Script Changes: Lexicon Conversion'. In practice, for InstallScript projects, Component and Feature functions are the same and are just aliases for each other (with the exception of Feature functions added after this semantic change was made). This being the case, the help article's use of ComponentSetTarget should not cause any issues for setting a target path at runtime.

If any feature functions are used with MSI projects (Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI), the Feature functions must be used as no equivalent Component functions exist. However, the original article indicates that the content only applies to InstallScript projects (MSI projects do not have script defined folders).
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