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InstallShield 2012/2013 integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 11 (2012) Beta


I was wondering if anybody has got Microsoft Visual Studio 11 (2012) Beta "working" (ability to open, edit, save and compile existing IS projects and/or create new projects) with their existing fully licensed edition of InstallShield 2012 (premier or professional), as opposed to the InstallShield LE/EE? (although I havent even managed to get this edition working, borken link within VS)

has anybody seen MS or InstallShield roadmaps, press releases etc regarding the support arrangements with InstallShield 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 (once it is RTM and no longer beta), as this is Microsofts recommedation as they wont produce their own installer project solution anymore within Visual Studio 2012).

Will InstallShield 2012 work in Visual Studio 2012?


if InstallShield 2013 is released first (which is expected soon I believe), then Visual Studio 2012 is released, will the only likely supported solution be to use InstallShield 2013?

Thanks in advance

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The InstallShield LifeCyles are very short - see

I'm currently using InstallShield 2009 with VS 2008 but will probably wait to buy InstallShield 2013 to use alongside VS 2010
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