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Disable Maintenance Mode


I have an InstallScript project and am using InstallShield 2013. I want to disable Maintenance Mode. So if the program is installed and I run the installer again (or a newer version of the installer), it automatically will kick off the uninstallation rather than giving options for Modify/Repair/Remove. I know there used to be an option to disable Maintenance Mode in the General Properties, but I no longer see it.

Also, when I run the installer now, if the program is already installed, I get an error that says the Version comparison failed. If I disable Maintenance Mode, will it automatically skip trying to compare the versions or is there a way I can get around that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 5

Go to the dialog MaintenanceWelcome and change the text from this

The InstallShield(R) Wizard will allow you to modify, repair, or remove [ProductName]. To continue, click Next.

to this

The InstallShield(R) Wizard will allow you to remove [ProductName]. To continue, click Next.

Then change the behavior for the Next button. In the NewDialog event change the argument to ReadyToRemove

Then change the behavior of the Back button for the ReadyToRemove dialog. Set the NewDialog argument to MaintenanceWelcome

If you just want the unintsall to start right away when the installer is run, you can just remove all of the Maintenance mode dialogs from the sequence and instead just create a new Set Property custom action and set REMOVE="ALL". Sequence the action right after ISSetupFilesExtract (In both the Exec and UI sequences) with the conditions set to"Installed" without the quotes.
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Level 5

Sorry, I saw that you are using an InstallScript project as soon as I submitted my reply. My reply is obviously for MSI projects and I haven't touched an Installscript project in a couple years so it's not fresh in memory how to do this.
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