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Difference between InstallShield Limited Edition and InstallShield Express?


I see Visual Studio customers can get an InstallShield Limited Edition. What is the difference between this version and the Express version? From the official document at , there are no such information.

Also in the visual studio marketplace, there is a version called "InstallShield Lite". What is this version and what is the difference between all these 3, i.e., Lite, Limited Version, and Express version?


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Hi @alancc ,

IS Limited Edition :  No active development on this version, almost obsolete. Works only with Visual Studio 2012, 2015. Not supporting command line build, and no InstallShield IDE like in other version. 

IS Lite :   Limited capability, only works with Visual Studio 2017, 2019. No standard Installshield IDE and command line build support. InstallShield Lite is provided without support, updates, or upgrades from Flexera.

IS Express: Almost having all the capability, but limited project types and with limited IDE options. Supported to edit the project in Installshield IDE, and command line Build.  And gets support, updates, or upgrades from Flexera.

For more information, pls contact Flexera Support.


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Thank you so much for your reply.

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