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Detecting 32-bit as an installation requirement in a basic-msi project

Hi everybody!
The following was copied from my stackoverflow post:

I have a solution with several dlls that are 64-bit or 32-bit specific that I want to deploy with an installer. I have two basic msi projects in InstallShield 2012, one for 32 bit systems and the other for 64 bit systems. I also have a requirement that the 64-bit installer won't work on 32-bit systems, and the other way around.

Restricting the 64-bit installer to 64 bit systems is easy, but I haven't been able to identify being in a 32-bit system.

Here are the solutions I already tried:

Checking the windows installer properties:

  • NOTintel64 (does not work as it refers to the processor and not the OS)
  • VersionNT64=whatever (does not work as the value is undefined for 32-bit systems)

Also, I'm aware of the environment variable PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE which holds x86 for 32-bit OS but I couldn't find a way to read it on a basic-msi project.

If you have a solution, feel free to post it in the stackoverflow post as well, to get your well earned points. 🙂
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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

32 bit is defined as Not VersionNT64
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