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Destination Computer´s Files - Relative Path - Registering dll file


I have got a visual Studio Project, which accesses a third party dll written in c++. The third party dll allows to communicate only by a registered COM-object. If I add this dll manually to the destination computer's files, it is possible to change the registration behaviour easily. The problem is, that the file is linked to the full path name. So it is impossible to share the setup-Project by a source control.

Is there any common way to handle this Problem?

How can I use relative path in Specify Application Data -> Files -> Destination computer´s files?


How can I register dll-files, which are included by the project content (this is a Workaround to avoid relative path) ?

Thanks in advance!
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Fixed relative paths for file content to be copied by the Install Shield Limited Edition to the output directory ( Visual Studio 2012 ) Steps:

-> Expand your install project in the Solution Explorer so you see the 1,2,3,4,5,6 sections
-> Expand '2' and double click on 'Files' You will see a four panel page: with 'Source computer's files' and 'Destination computer's files'
-> Delete your hard coded paths and files from the 'Destination computer's files'
-> Click in the top left panel, on the project that has your files as 'Content Files'
-> The top right panel will show 'Content Files from MyProject'
-> Click and drag this to the bottom right panel (the 'Destination computer's files')
-> Go back into your project and make sure all your files you want copied have properties: Build Action=Content and Copy to output directory=Copy Always

Hope this helps,

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