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Installation does not continue when a prerequisite forces an immediate reboot

I've noticed some similar posts on this topic, but did not see any solution / explanation / etc. If this is one of those situations where InstallShield is doing the right thing, but Windows has the bug, I would appreciate knowing that.

I'm using a prerequisite for .NET 4.5 in an MSI-Installscript project. The prerequisite is configured with the "Reboot the machine and resume on reboot" option (under the Behavior tab -> "If the prerequisite appears to need a reboot"). We're targeting Windows 7 and 8, and consistently seeing that after installing .NET 4.5, the computer reboots and the install fails to continue (even in Windows 7 where in theory there should be less OS bugs by now).

In case people are more familiar with the XML of the prerequisites, here's the applicable XML:

Is there a different way I should configure this prerequisite as a workaround to this problem? Any other suggestions?
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There are several methods that InstallShield uses to determine if a restart is needed or not.

With InstallShield Professional and Premier you can change what occurs in regards to restarting under the behavior tab.
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I am experiencing a similar problem and have not found a solution yet.
In my BasicMSI project I have a feature prerequisite that forces a reboot. The reboot occurs when the feature selection has already been made at the end of the UI sequence.
When the system restarts the setup resumes as expected - so far so good.
However, it will start from the very beginning without evaluation any properties and re-runs the feature selection.
I would expect that the setup resumes with remembering the previous feature selection and with a different dialog sequence by evaluating the RESUME property.

Before the reboot I can see that IS CA "ISInstallPrerequisites" writes a registry key in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce.
String is "ISSetupPrerequisites" and the value keeps the path to the Setup.exe - but without any command line options set.
Also the properties before the reboot are saved in the registry under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\%IS_PREREQUF%-My Product Name
In order to do an effective resume I would expect some command line options like "Setup.exe /v""".
So everything would be there - but is just not used.

Writing an own registry key is not possible since it would get overwritten.

I already contacted the Flexera support but they did not come up with a propper solution yet.

Has anyone an idea?

Thank you!
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