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Will not detect in Visual Studio 2013 but detects in VS 2010


I have got a side by side install of Visual Studio 2010 pro and Visual Studio 2013 pro, and found an odd problem, I done a clean install of both products on both Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1, and getting the same issue, when you try to install the latest version of the limmited edition of Install Shield VS2010 knows it installed and allows you to build install sets, but when you go in to VS 2013 and try to create an install set it tells you that it not installed.

if I remove both versions of Visual Studio and then install VS 2013 and install the limmited version of install sheald it detects.

My questuion is why when you have a side by side install will it not detect that install shield is installed in VS 2013.

I need to keep VS2010 as I have some components that wont work in VS 2013 that are used in my projects.
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Hello Darren,

You may want to try this and check the integration of ISLE with Visual Studio:

Uninstall VS 2010, now it gets detected with InstallShield Limited Edition 2013. Now install VS 2010 also on the same machine and please check if you can see the "Setup and Deployment" option under "Other Project Types". Kindly try to integrate ISLE now with VS 2010.

Hope this helps.

Please let us know your observation so that we can assist you further.

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