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Delete folders and files from installed path during unistallation

Some temporary files and folders are created in the subfolders of the installation folder during installation. These temporary folders and files are not getting deleted during unistallation.

In the script the following is written:
MsiGetProperty(hMSI, "INSTALLDIR", sCurrrPath,nvBuf );
In the script during unistallation INSTALLDIR or sCurrrPath is always returning c:\ProgramFiles even though the installation is in some d:\temp or f:\installpaht\ path.

To Delete directory :
sCurrrPath = sCurrrPath ^ Subfoler;
DeleteDir (sCurrrPath, ALLCONTENTS);

So how to get the installed path during unistallation?
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Hi you can use the registry entry and from there installpath and uninstallpath can be obtained.
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