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Ini Files.


I finished creating an installer where, among other things, should I edit an INI file.

The following values and keywords should be added if they do not exist in the file. If the keyword exist, should retain the default value.

For that I use the option "Do Not Overwrite".

But when the installation is completed, the values are changed.

Before installation:
ExposureTime = 35

After installation:
ExposureTime=10 //New value
FrontLightExposureTime=35 //New value

The "action" Do Not Overwrite, should retain the old values. Is this correct?, otherwise, what type of "Action" should I use?

Thank you, Federico

Edit: I'm using InstallShield 2012 Spring - Professional Edition
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Level 7

Hi this works fine when you import an ini file than create an ini try to import the ini file .
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Level 7

I am not sure the type of project you are using. In an InstallScript project the Component property of 'Do Not Overwrite' prevents the file transfer but does not prevent the subsequent application of INI or XML changes to the file.
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