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Debugging - ISDBG.exe doesn't work...


I tried to remotedebug my Setup on Win XP x64 bit. When I try to open the Setup.rul I get the error message "Failed to create empty document!".

Any thoughts?

Greetings, dolving.
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Re: Debugging - ISDBG.exe doesn't work...

InstallScript Debugger Changes
If you copy the InstallScript Debugger (ISDbg.exe) from your installation development machine to a debug machine so that you can debug InstallScript code, you must also now copy the file called SciLexer.dll to the same folder on the debug machine. You can find SciLexer.dll on your installation development machine in the same folder as the ISDbg.exe file (InstallShield Program Files Folder\System).

For more information, see Debugging an Installation on Any Computer.

I forgot to copy the SciLexer.dll.
Problem solved.
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