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Level 8

DOS Shortcut Not Deleted On Uninstall

I have a really simple installation. It creates two shortcuts. One is a shortcut to a .NET assembly. The other is a shortcut to a DOS program.

On uninstall, the .NET assembly shortcut is removed, but not the DOS program shortcut.

I have tried everything I can think of to delete this thing, but it will not go away. Neither on XP or Vista (both 32-bit).

I'm using InstallShield Professional 2010 and this is a Basic MSI project.
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Level 8

I found a way around this problem. What's interesting is that there are no errors in the uninstallation log. So, why it doesn't work, and why it doesn't show up in the log is something I can't explain.

What I did was just create a CA, called it in the User Interface sequence after ExecutionAction, with a condition of REMOVE="ALL". It's brute force, but it works.
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Level 2

I have this same problem with a simple install that creates two shortcuts to .exe files. How did you get around this? What type of Custom Action did you create?
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