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Custom actions error -9018

Downloaded a trial today since AI hasnt got back to us to resolve the issue. So due date for project is today so was hoping to see if I can get this whole thing set up in one day. However, ran into an issue that I cant find any thing on at least through searches or google. And the stuff I do at least find matching the error number is stating converting a Visual Studio Project to an MSI which isnt even close. 

I hve been able to deduce that It likely has something to do with the sequence in which it runs. I need these as deferred since my batch files require admin privleges. However all I get back is `Custom Action 'some name' will be ignored. Error Code:-9018. Was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue. Or how the have a .cmd file ran as an exe for a custom action with multiple arguments?  Any help would be aweseome.


Id attach the .ism but apparently the .ism file doesnt match what it expect from a .ism

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