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IsCmdBld (Installshield) 2011 exiting with -1073741819

Morning all (again)

Big shout out thanks to Stuart for helping out on my legacy question.  Round two of the question involves the dreaded access permission exit code -1073741819.

I see several related posts if I do a search for that %errorlevel% and I even found one with a hotfix (hotfix Q204455). Unfortunately the link is stale.

Since my original post been able to access  the product and license center.  

For this post does anybody know the url where I can download the hotfix (and if it will actually resolve my issue - remembering that I'm dealing with a pretty old piece of software here.)

Thanks all in advance.


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @douglas ,


After searching quiet a bit,i could get this link for you.But it says hotfix for InstallShield 2012.


I doubt this might work!!Unable to find 2011 link anywhere.




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Thanks a lot Jenifer - I'll see what happens.  

Do you have any insight as to the cause of this error.  That exit code relates to Access Denied, which usually represents a permission.  (I've disabled access and am running as a local admin.)  

Since the error seems to be a somewhat common one, my mind tends to go down the path that the OS has changed access on ... 'something' and then InstallShield has react accordingly.  I'm wondering if the OS that I'm currently running on (Windows Server 2019)  might be too new for such an old version of the installer.

As an aside, I'm also contemplating (but it's a lot more work than I had originally planned for the legacy app patch) upgrading the ism file (it's an InstallScript project) to InstallShield 2018.  We've got a license but I've never installed it.  Without having done any research at all, is there any big 'gotchas' around going down that path? Do you know if the upgrade from 2011 to 2018 would be ... painful?


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Hi @douglas ,


Can work-around help you with?i.e For all Components defined in the InstallShield project, set .Net Scan at Build to None.

  • I would suggest you to be little cautious on project upgrade from IS2011-IS2018
  • Make sure both UI and executions work as expected
  • Make sure to keep backup of setup files,though ism file back will be there with ProjectName.7xx(This can be renamed and used as back ported one)
  • Launch setup with debuglog command-line to catch any runtime errors if any.Syntax would be:Setup.exe /debuglogC:\tmp\LogFile.log



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