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Custom Action to display Release Notes only after an Upgrade/Patch Installation

I am hoping someone could help me out with Custom Actions.
I have acquired the role of InstallShield Build Engineer when in fact I am a QA Engineer myself - due to that fact that the developer left our company, I ended up having to take this role on as well.

Up until now I have only had to maintain the exiting installation, but now there is a requirement to correctly patch our product (which up until now we were doing via WinZip).
I have figured out a lot of this out with the help of documentation but I am stuck on the ability to launch a Readme/Changelog after applying a patch.

Our file will be a HTML file and I only want to launch it after the user has installed an Update or Patch. This is not something I see being launched when a user does a first launch installation - but for simplicity I suppose on a first launch installation the file could have some info about the new/extended features since the last version of our product.

So I am looking to see if anyone can help me. I have found several posts about Custom Actions, but I'm just not getting the entire set of steps I need.

Can anyone please advise me on the best approach?
Should I add the Readme as a new Component and only install it when it is a patch or upgrade installation? Or should it be a in it's own subfeature with a release flag?

And then any further help for the custom action on the SetupCompleteSuccess dialog would be greatly appreciated.
Please assume that I know nothing and don't omit any steps.

Thanks anyone for your help in advance,
Ann Marie
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Hi Ann Marie,

Basically, you need to condition your custom action to run when you want it to run.

1. Create your custom action (Installation designer tab -> Custom Actions View -> Right Click and create the custom action you want)
2. Sequence you custom action.
3. Expand out all sub folders in sequences (Installation designer tab -> Custom Actions View -> Hit "+" key next to sequences)
4. Locate the name of your custom action. Select it, One of the options on the right will be Conditions.
5. Condition to when you want to run. See some examples on the following link:

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