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Level 3


I have an icon for the shortcut to my application.
The icon file has four sizes 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256.
After installation the shortcut seems to have lost the 256x256 version.
This only happens when using loose .ico files. When referring to an icon inside an executable, it works.
It is a Basic MSI project. The shortcut is not advertised.

The Version is InstallShield 2014 Premier.

The problem was announced in the IS 2012 Spring forum the first time.
Was this problem solved?

Best Regards
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Level 7

Hi André,

I have seen this issue as well. But it was for a shortcut icon not changing sizes. This issue has been reported to Flexera and accepted as an issue by their engineering team. Hopefully this will be resolved in service pack 1 for 2014.

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Level 17

This issue has been fixed in the Service Pack 1 of InstallShield 2014. It was tracked under #IOJ-1700373.
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