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Custom Action running twice/out of sequence

I have an installscript to run a batch file as shown below.InstallScript.jpg

I call the script using custom actions after defining the install UI sequence and Install Exec Sequence.


But the script is being called twice during the whole installation process, i.e., once before the install welcome screen(not as per my requirement) and another at the expected sequence whatever is defined in the Install Exec Sequence. 

Now if I remove it from UI sequence, it gives an error of Directory Manager not initialised, and If I remove it from Exec Sequence, the script is called before the welcome screen which is not wanted. 

I have also tried exploring the options in Execute Scheduling along with UI sequence and Exec Sequence(keeping/ removing from sequence) but none of them works fine.

I don't understand why the function in the script is being called in the sequence which is never defined to it.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @ananyas

Directory Manager not initialised Error will be observed when installdir or any property in that table is not set properly in direct editor --> Directory table, 

You can try with new sample project and see you are able to see the same issue or not, If you are not observed the issue in same project then try to check Directory table in your original project ism and the same project ism and verify nothing is changed in your ism, Refer screenshot 

If you still face the same issue or not able to find the cause, please share the ism file and setup.rul file.

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