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InstallSheld 2010 Express hangs, when "Extracting COM data from components"

I created a new project, using InstallShield 2010 Express, on Windows 10. When I build the installation, it hangs when "Extracting COM data from components".Capture.PNG

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Hi @mauja32,

Thank you for your post.

InstallShield 2010 Express Edition does not support Windows 10 (see the attached InstallShield 2010 Express Release Notes PDF, under System Requirements, Windows 10 is not listed), so we cannot provide technical support. Furthermore, InstallShield 2010 Express Edition has reached its end-of-life, so InstallShield 2010 Express Edition is no longer supported.

Please upgrade to a supported InstallShield version, such as InstallShield 2022 R2, which is the latest InstallShield version, to receive technical support.

Please navigate to the following link to our Contact Us Form, which you will need to submit in order to receive more information about upgrading to a supported InstallShield version:

After completing and submitting this form, someone from our team will contact you to follow up about upgrading your copy of InstallShield.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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Hi @mauja32 

Please try the below registry setting in a machine where Installshield is instaleld.

InstallShield capture the COM registry information through a kernel driver, with the option "2" in registry setting.
if the driver is corrupted, customer can uninstall the driver by executing below command
[InstallShield Installed Location]\System\ISRegSpy.exe -uninstdrv
Then reinstall the driver, by executing below command:
[InstallShield Installed Location]\System\ISRegSpy.exe -installdrv
If the problem persist even after reinstalling the driver, the continue the COM extraction with the registry setting "1".
There is no difference, only the method varies

UseAPIRegistryHooks registry value located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\InstallShield\RegSpy key (on 32-bit machines) or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\InstallShield\RegSpy key(on 64-bit machines) holds the method configured to extract the COM information.

Value Description
0 COM information captured by hooking Windows Registry API, old method.
1 COM information captured through Registry redirection API
2 COM information captured through Kernel mode registry filtering, latest method introduced in InstallShield 2012.
Need to execute in Admin cmd prompt

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