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Custom Action Issues (Can't make it work!)


I am trying to include the Microsoft Data Access Engine (.exe) in my setup an execute it as a custom action (I used the custom action wizard, accepting all the defaults).
Initially it did not execute as part of setup unless I ran the setup as Administrator, and then the installed app would only run as Administrator also.
So I started looking at the custom action options.

I can now get the MSDAE to execute by setting 'In Script Execution' to 'Deferred in System Context', but no matter where I sequence the action it errors reporting that 'another installation is already in progress' or if I try to sequence it 'After InstallFinalize' I get an 'Error 2762. Cannot write script record. Transaction not started'.

Can anyone help with how to get the custom action work? I am using Spring 2012 Pro SP1.

My application is dependent on the MSDAE, but the install is not - so I can have it install at any part of the process. I am getting around it by asking users to download & install MSDAE first, but this is not ideal.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Two Windows Installers cannot run their execute sequences at the same time (that's what 'another installation is already in progress' is telling you). Even though you are running an exe, there is a Windows Installer package embedded in it (and getting kicked off by the exe).

You might look at running the MSDAE setup as a Prerequisite. This allows installation packages (either EXEs or MSIs) to install sequentially, getting around the ban on 2 execution sequences running concurrently.

Deferred custom actions can only occur between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize (that's the reason for the 'Error 2762. Cannot write script record. Transaction not started').
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