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Setup compatibility between Premier and Professional Editions

My team has three InstallShield 2012 Premier licenses. We don't use any Premier-specific features; the only reason we chose Premier was for the additional standalone build licenses. (How they can call it "Professional" while only allowing you to set up a single build machine is beyond me but that's another story.) We recently acquired another company and are merging release teams, so we are inheriting two InstallShield 2012 Professional licenses.

My question is, if we are not using any Premier-specific features, can the Professional and Premier licenses be used interchangeably to edit setups? Or do you need Premier to open up a setup that was saved using Premier?

Thanks for any advice!
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Level 16

The Stand Alone Build (SAB) used to not ask for a license key and was included with Pro. They took it away and I assure you I fought that fight. They brought it back with a key based on you MAC address ( better then the IDE in that it doesn't require activation ).

Premiere comes with 5 SAB per license and Pro comes with 1 SAB per license. Additional SAB licenses are $500 each the last time I checked.

An ISM can be passed back and forth between Pro and Premiere.
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Level 3

Great, thanks for the information!!
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