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Create a Manage code CA using 64 bit .dll


I have a Basic MSI project in ISH 2018 SP1,

The setup is target to be installed on 64 bit machine but have 32 and 64 components. I want to create a managed code CA that use .net .dll built in 64bit configuration but when I enter the "Method Signature" dialog the "Method Browser" is empty and I don't see any methods.
Is it because the dll is 64 bit ?
Any idea how to solve it ?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @eladef ,


Looks like Custom Action wizard will fetch methods of 64-bit dll as well by following steps given in KB article:,location&include_tkbs=true&location=category:InstallShield&q=managed%20custom%20action%20with%2064-bit%20dll&search_type=thread


If that doesn't help how about specifying the method manually?Does it pass?

Meaning specifying namespace.classname in method class column and methodname in method column.

Whenever you add 64-bit component make sure to change template summary as well.




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