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Corrupted LE password in Visual Studio 2015

Cannot seem to prevent "Corrupted password" during initialization of template after new install of LE and creation of Setup project in VS2015. Re-tried clean uninstalls of LE, re-installs of LE, and trying to create a Setup project in VS 2015.

Even when I reload VS2015 after attempting to repair the password, and fetching registration text via S/N entry, the xml text message also throws an error.

Having no luck. Any suggestions?
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Can you provide a screenshot of the message you are seeing?
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Level 6 Flexeran

If your issue is in regards to offline activation:

It looks like there was an issue with offline activations which has been resolved and a new installer has been released.

Please re-download the installer and re-install once again and you should not run into this issue going forward.
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