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Level 5

Configure IIS Server in Basic MSI Project

Hey all

From what I have learnt I can manage and create websites and application pools in installshield. Is there a way I can manage the web server itself ? Like I need to change ISAPI and CGI configurations of the web server. How is that possible?

Secondly I need to configure a single aspx page and set its windows authentication to true. But i can add only a virtual directory or application in installshield and configure its settings or the website itself. How is that possible?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!!


Regards Arshbeer
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Level 7

Are you needing to install/uninstall CGI ISAPI features? If so you can do that with dism.exe or powershell

I cant remember if you can edit ASPX pages with a text editor. If you can then you can create a Text File change in the System Configuration section
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