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Cannot open programs unless run as administrator


I have made an installation packages (.msi and .exe). When I install these to XP they work fine. But when I install these to Win 7, I can't open the installed program without choosing "run as administrator".

What do I need to change or add in my InstallShield project (.ise) to make this work in Win 7 also?

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Level 8

By default, I think the setting is Invoker so when you select your release click the Setup.exe tab and change the Required Execution Level to Administrator. Make sure to build it again before re-distributing it.

BTW, this forces elevated privileges to Administrator automatically when the Setup.EXE is run. There is no need to right click to select "Run As Administrator".

HTH! 🙂
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Level 8

That doesn't work. It still runs even if the user doesn't have Administrator permissions. ALLUSERS can't be set to 1 as it stays at zero even if you try to set it manually. I don't see what the setting Required Execution Level to Administrator does since the setup program still runs without being the administrator either directly or right clicking and Run as Administrator.
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