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Cannot extract icon from .chm file?

Hi, In my installer, I add a .chm help document. Then I create a shortcut for the .chm file. However, when I try to build the installer, I get error "-3204" said "Cannot extract icon from .chm file". How to solve this issue? Can I create shortcut for a .chm file as I do that in Windows manually?

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Hi @alancc ,


Installshield is trying to extract shortcut icon image form the selected file if it is not configured explicitly, if the icon image information are not available in the file error will be thrown during the build. 

It can be fixed by configuring the icon in the short cut view. 

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Thank you for your reply. However, before posting the question on the community, I have already read the help document you mentioned. But I still do not not know how to set the icon for a .chm file. That is the reason why I ask here.

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