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Can't see the mapped network drive from InstallShield 2020 R1

I'm using  InstallShield 2020 Premier R1 which was installed on Windows 10 Virtual Machine.  I encountered issues when building IS projects.  

There will be no problem if IS project files (.ism) are located on local drive. But after copying project files into mapped shared drive (hosting machine local drive),  I got building failure, like merging module failure (confirmed all modules are available).

Another observation is: When open file dialog from InstallShield, I can't see the mapped drive (e.g. F drive is mapped drive).

I already tried launch IS as admin and changed UAC, and added reg key EnableLInkedConnections.

They didn't help to solve the problem.

Did anyone see same issue or have any suggestion?




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Hi @JamesJi,

We launch InstallShield as ‘Administrator’ to trust the application to the system at high integrity level. Looks like this is Windows behavior to not show mapped drives when launched an application as administrator (notepad behaves the same).

Please check the InstallShield KB article on this, and see "EnableLinkedConnections" registry setting configured as per the solution provided.

Check whether you are able to see the mapped drive after configuring the registry, if not just restart and see.
If still, check the "SMB Direct" feature status in the Windows Features.

If "SMB Direct" feature is not selected, just select it from the Windows features:  

         From the Start button , click Control Panel, click Programs and Features, and then click Turn Windows features on or off.

          Select the SMB Direct feature to turn it on.

Check whether you are able to see the mapped drive now!!.

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Those ways you mentioned didn't work in my case.   After creating built-in admin account, I can see shared drive from InstallShield.

However, there's another issue. When building IS project,   it fails when merging module.  (.ism file is located on shared drive of hosting machine).

If copying .ism file to local drive of VM, then building error is gone.


InstallShield was installed on Virtual Machine on Windows 10.

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Hi @JamesJi ,

Can you check the merge module paths are available in the options dialog (Tools->Options->Merge Modules->Merge module location).

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Already checked the path for merge module and all are correct. Also building failure didn't say missing file or file not found.

Please see attachment.  The merge module is available.


If copying .ism to C driver (local drive of VM), then no problem.


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