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Customize Password Protect Launcher

Hi All

When a setup file is initiated it prompts user to enter password.

Here instead of only password, is there a way to prompt user with both username and password  

Idea is.. if the same setup file is given to the different users instead of giving the same password to all.. can we create user based password instead of rebuilding the same setup file every time through installshield.

Currently i am using Spring 2012. Want to know if any new features related to this can be done in the existing InstallSheild or not, Please guide me in this case.

Thanks once again in advance for you're help !!!

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Hi @jnagendra,

InstallShield supports User Information Dialog, I dont know whether it helps you. 

You can find more information about this at the below link:

May be, you can customize this dialog or you can create your own based on the custom action to validate the password.


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When setup is initialize, user being prompted with password. Can that dialog be customized by adding username to it.

Thanks for the help

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