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Build server deployment?

With past version of InstallShield (I am thinking around the IS 11 timeframe), there was a stand alone build environment you could download that contained the command line tools to build ISM's. This was really convenient, as it allowed us to create and build IS projects on separate machines.

With IS2008, that seems to be gone. I know the command line tools themselves are in \System, but to use them would require me to install the full IS2008 suite on the build server, which would require another license. That's pretty much unacceptable, as I will never be using the IDE tools on the build server. Only the command line build tools.

Is there still a way, within the license agreement, to deploy just the command line tools, and required support files, to a build server?
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Level 4

We have the premier edition and I believe they had the standalone install on a separate disc for IS 2008.
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