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Im trying to setup a billboard to test this feature. I have added a large mpg file to allow for a files and transfer to take place. I have added a jpg to the billboards view.
When installing im not seeing anywhere in a gui or qb or qn install of the billboard.
Can someone point me in the right direction?
Do the billboards work on windows installer 3.1 or is this a feature of 4x or greater?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Level 3

I have found why an MSI install doesnt use billboards. You have to create your release as a setup.exe.

Info from the 2010 installshield users guide.

Important: If your installation includes billboards, your installation must include a Setup.exe setup launcher. The setup
launcher is required because it displays the billboards at run time. The Setup.exe tab for a release in the Releases view is
where you specify information such as whether you want to use a setup launcher. To learn more, see Setup.exe Tab for a

Also ONLY works in setup.exe in the user interface.
I tried running setup.exe /s /qb or /qn the Gui and or billboards dont show. I would like to still have the install be silent but show the Billboard on silent installs.

Our company must deploy silently and no UI but would like to have the billboard to advertise upcoming events, deployments, policies, contact info etc.

Is this something doable for the next release or upgrade?

Is there any way of doing this in ISScripting?
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